All-on-4 Dental Implants

Are you tired of wearing a traditional denture? We offer the All-on-4® dental implant method for patients who don't qualify for traditional implants.

Norris Dental in Vancouver, BC, places implants and creates custom restorations for streamlined care under one roof.

All-on-4 vs. Traditional
Dental Implants

Traditional dental implants can support a full-arch denture on six to eight implants. However, if you have experienced jawbone atrophy and don't have the jawbone density needed to support traditional implants, you may not be a candidate without first undergoing bone grafting. Some patients may not want to undergo this surgery or are not even good candidates for it.

In many cases, the solution is All-on-4.

The All-on-4 method uses just four strategically placed implants to support a full-arch denture. The two front implants are placed vertically while the two back implants are placed at an angle to maximize your available jawbone density.

All-on-4 Implant Placement

Drs. Alex Wong and Vanessa Lee can place implants from their Vancouver dental office. Your procedure will involve several steps:
"Our warm, friendly practice is outfitted with modern amenities to help you feel safe and comfortable throughout your treatment."
"Our warm, friendly practice is outfitted with modern amenities to help you feel safe and comfortable throughout your treatment."

Preparatory Procedures

Our dentists will first ensure a healthy foundation for your implants and denture. Our team can treat gum disease, extract decayed and damaged teeth, and more.

Implant Surgery

Your dentist will administer anesthesia to keep you comfortable, make incisions in your gums, and place four implants in your upper or lower jaw.

Temporary Denture

Your dentist may place a temporary denture so you don't have to go another day without teeth.

First Healing Period

You will heal for three to six months, allowing your dental implants to fuse with your jawbone in a process called osseointegration.


Once your implants have fused with your jawbone, you can return to our office so our dentist can place your abutments. These connector pieces attach your denture to your implants.

Second Healing Period

You will wait a few more weeks for your gums to heal around your abutments.


Your dentist will take impressions of your dental arch and abutments. These impressions will be sent to a lab where technicians will create a custom denture that's comfortable, indistinguishable from natural teeth, and complements your unique facial features.


Once we have your custom denture, you can return to our Vancouver dental office where we will secure it in place. After checking the fit and making any necessary adjustments, your treatment will be complete. 

"At Norris Dental, our clients are our number one priority. Our dentists take the time to get to know each patient and their needs so they can provide quality dentistry in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere."

Norris Dental

The experienced dentists at Norris Dental in Vancouver, BC, provide comprehensive care in one convenient, state-of-the-art location. From dental implants to cosmetic dentistry, Norris Dental is equipped to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Our prestigious affiliations include:

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  • American Academy of Implant Dentistry
  • College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia

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